Expert Knowledge
    JavaScript: jQuery
    Java: Android Os
    Flash: AS3, AS2, Zinc

Working Knowledge
    Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator

Basic Knowledge
    xCode: iOs
    Java: BlackBerry Os

Brella Productions

Senior Programmer1998 - present

Develops webpages and mobile applications for a variety of projects including corporate presentations, employee recruitment, self-help, educational and software demonstrations.

Interprets the needs of the clients or project managers.

Manages Brella's programming code database to ensure consistent programming and accelerated project completion.

Mentors junior programmers and teaches colleague Brella standards.

Creates graphics and enhance images for professional use.

Edits digital video and audio files.

About Me

I am a senior programmer with over a decade of experience in translating the needs of clients and developing them into practical applications.

I create front-end and back-end applications for web and mobile devices. I can also modify graphics and images, edit audio and video.